Monday, July 13, 2009

Rock Band game and mini-docs

You can see the trailers for the new Beatles Rock Band game on the Amazon Beatles Store page:

A clip from the mini-documentary video which will be released with the remastered Sgt Pepper album can also be seen at the above link.

An excerpt from the mini-documentary for the remastered Revolver album is also available on the official Beatles site.

Come Together on Twitter!

We now have an official Twitter page to keep people informed of all the latest updates and news regarding Come Together: A John Lennon Forum.

If you're on Twitter, please feel free to follow us. And of course, you're welcome to join Come Together if you're not already a member!

Come Together Trivia Challenge

I have set up a new quiz for John Lennon/Beatles fans at the Funtrivia website and I hope some of you will join me there.

The quiz is called "Come Together Trivia Challenge" and you can find it at:

There will be a new selection of Beatles and John Lennon questions every day.

Have fun!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beatles cartoon by Larry Freeborn

The following cartoon was contributed by artist Larry Freeborn. Thanks Larry!

You can see more of Larry's work at his myspace page: