Friday, May 01, 2009

John Lennon Banner Contest

If you're a member of my John Lennon forum, Come Together, you'll be aware of the Banner Contest currently taking place there. With just a week to go until the contest closes, I would also like to invite any non-members to take part.

The winning banner will be displayed at the top of the forum, which you can see here:

How to enter

Closing date: Friday May 8th 2009

Send me your banners by the above closing date, in one of the following ways:

* Log into the forum and send me a PM.
* Comment on this post with the link to your banner (don't worry - nobody else will be able to see your comment)
* Send an email to

I will create a new thread on the forum and post all the banners in the thread (without including members' names).

Our forum members will then be able to vote for the banner they like best.


1. The banner must be 810 pixels wide to fit the width of the forum, but can be any height you choose.

2. It must include at least one picture of John Lennon and the words 'Come Together'. Any additional words are optional.

3. You're welcome to submit more than one banner.

4. Have fun!

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