Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Church bells tribute to Lennon


John Lennon will be honoured in his native Liverpool, England this weekend when bellringers perform his peace anthem Imagine in the city's cathedral.

Church bosses have given the go ahead for the performance on Saturday 16 May 09, despite the track featuring the controversial line, "Imagine there's no heaven."

A spokesman explains, "Allowing Imagine to be pealed on our bells does not mean we agree with the song lyric.

"We recognise its power to make us think. As a cathedral we do not shrink from debate. We recognise the existence of other world views."

And the performance has won the approval of Lennon's widow Yoko Ono, who told the BBC the idea was "so beautiful, it made me choke up".

Bob Dylan visits Mendips


Bob Dylan mingled unrecognised with wide-eyed tourists on a £16 bus tour to John Lennon's childhood home.

The music legend went unnoticed as he strolled around the modest 40s semi where the Beatle grew up with his aunt Mimi and uncle George.

And he lingered "enthralled" in the bedroom where John wrote some of the Fab Four's earliest hits.

Dylan - in Liverpool as part of his worldwide tour - told the house's curator that Lennon's simple upbringing was similar to his own.

He pored over photos, documents and other memorabilia inside the property in the Woolton area of the city.

A spokeswoman for the National Trust, which owns and maintains the house, said: "We couldn't believe it when his agent rang us and asked if we could get Bob on one of our tours to see John's house. He spent ages going through photo albums and was thrilled at all the memorabilia.

"He's definitely the biggest celebrity we've ever had on our tours. "But incredibly no one else recognised him."

New Quarrymen picture

The picture above appeared in the Daily Mail on Saturday 9th May 2009. From left to right: Pete Shotton, Eric Griffiths, Len Garry, John Lennon, Colin Hanton, Rod Davis.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Fifty acorns tied in a sack

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of John and Yoko's Acorn Event where they sent acorns to world leaders asking them to plant them for peace, Yoko is planning to recreate the event tomorrow (Saturday May 2nd 2009). She will send 123 leaders a box marked "Acorn Peace by John And Yoko, Spring 2009" and containing two acorns.

If you'd like more information on John and Yoko's original Acorn event, here is an article I posted on this blog two years ago.

Also, on Yoko's Imagine Peace site you can see some of the thank you letters John and Yoko received in 1969.

Beatles Day - 10th July 2009

The second annual Beatles Day will be taking place in Liverpool on July 10th. This year the day will raise money for charities including The Imagine Appeal for Alder Hey Children's Hospital and the Marina Dalglish Appeal.

See the Beatles Day website for more information.


John Lennon Banner Contest

If you're a member of my John Lennon forum, Come Together, you'll be aware of the Banner Contest currently taking place there. With just a week to go until the contest closes, I would also like to invite any non-members to take part.

The winning banner will be displayed at the top of the forum, which you can see here:

How to enter

Closing date: Friday May 8th 2009

Send me your banners by the above closing date, in one of the following ways:

* Log into the forum and send me a PM.
* Comment on this post with the link to your banner (don't worry - nobody else will be able to see your comment)
* Send an email to singmyheart@mail.com

I will create a new thread on the forum and post all the banners in the thread (without including members' names).

Our forum members will then be able to vote for the banner they like best.


1. The banner must be 810 pixels wide to fit the width of the forum, but can be any height you choose.

2. It must include at least one picture of John Lennon and the words 'Come Together'. Any additional words are optional.

3. You're welcome to submit more than one banner.

4. Have fun!