Sunday, February 10, 2008

'My lost weekend with Lennon': May Pang breaks her silence over their relationship

This is an interesting article from today's Daily Mail.

May Pang talks about her relationship with John, and you can preview some of the photos from her upcoming book "Instamatic Karma" including a picture of John and Paul together.

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Anonymous said...

YAWN, same old same old. nothing new. Everything said in this article was already in her book Loving John she put out in 1983. There is only one picture of John and Paul in this book and you have all seen it in this article. Therefore, no need to buy the book. John knew how to mug for a camera, these pictures prove nothing. John said he was unhappy during the 18 months with May and I think John knew how he felt better then anyone else. May is worse then Yoko