Friday, June 01, 2007

New forum updates!

I've been busy adding some new features to my John Lennon Forum.

These are:

* Collect Peace Points and spend them on a choice of different prizes - every new member receives 200 Peace Points just for joining, then 3 for every post after that. More points are available for various things you do, for example, posting pictures or referring a friend.

* New Album Reviews section - share your opinions on John Lennon's solo albums.

Existing features include:

* Fan Fiction and Fan Art section

* All the latest John Lennon and Beatles news

* Pictures and video clips

* Polls, games and links

* Private 'Members Only' area, including a discussions board, a bootlegs board and the Peace Points Store.

All John Lennon and Beatles fans are welcome to join. I hope to see some of you there soon!

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