Wednesday, June 20, 2007

McCartney: 'Lennon Loved Me Yeah, Yeah, Yeah'

Paul McCartney insists he had settled his differences with John Lennon before his Beatles bandmate was shot dead. The pair's friendship was famously fraught with tension throughout their working lives, but McCartney is adamant they rekindled their relationship before Lennon was murdered by obsessed fan Mark David Chapman in December 1980.

And McCartney believes the pair's friendship would've prospered had Lennon been alive today - and referenced a Beatles lyric to prove his point.

He says, "We had a good relationship when he died and I think it just would've got better. It's one of the tragedies of him being killed. I think he was mellowing. He was a great man and I was very lucky that we healed our relationship. So that's something that's very precious to me. It would've been a real problem if we hadn't. Y'know, he loved me...he loved me yeah yeah yeah."

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