Wednesday, June 20, 2007

'I threw away Lennon's drawings'

Art teacher Geraldine Brock didn't get much work out of a tall teenager with glasses.

He was polite but not interested. His studies of flowers and foliage were usually incomplete because he left the class early.

She said: "They were OK, but unfinished and he left them and I used to bin them. I wish now I had kept them because they would have made me a lot of money."

For that 17-year-old was John Lennon.

And Liverpool Art College, where he was a first year student, stood next door to Liverpool Institute where fellow Beatle-to-be Paul McCartney was a pupil.

Together the pair formed the group which made them icons of popular music.

Geraldine, now 69, of College Road, Epsom, was a former Liverpool Art College student who returned there briefly to teach before becoming a successful textile designer.

She said: "John was a nice enough lad, but never finished whatever was set for each session. He always found an excuse to go early and it often seemed to be when there was a sound of a guitar coming over from the Institute.

"Later I realised that he would have been going off to practice with Paul.

"I used to go to The Cavern Club myself when it was a jazz club and I went to hear Chris Barber and Humphrey Lyttleton."

Anything associated with the Beatles can now yield thousands,with Lennon memorabilia fetching the biggest prices since his assassination in 1980.

Geraldine said: "I don't even want to think how much those drawings would have been worth. Teaching John Lennon plant drawing has been my biggest claim to fame."

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