Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cynthia's favourite John Lennon song

"There were so many but let me say 'Woman'. I just thought it was so beautiful – the overall sentiment about women. I know it's said that it was written for Yoko, but I always felt it was written for all the women in his life, a little bit like 'In My Life', looking back in retrospect. It was such a gentle, beautiful love song, and that's how I’d rather remember him than for his battling political songs or for all the anger that came out. I just felt that at the end he was mellowing and softening."

This is from a Cynthia Lennon interview I found at:


m. said...

what a good blog you have here! I'll be visiting it often and reading it in detail.
p.s: all the pictures are great!

Louise said...

Thanks! It's good to know people are enjoying my blog - I've spent so much time working on it!
I'm glad you like the pictures. I still have lots more to add when I have time.