Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cilla Black on John Lennon

"He came into the world loathing everything that wasn’t peaceful. He was a typical student in Liverpool really – a beatnik. Of course, I was a little bit young for all that. I think John would have been fighting against the war in Iraq. I really do. He just spoke his mind – of course, if you are a Beatle, then you can speak your mind."

(Cilla Black, Metro, March 2007)

"He liked to put on this angry young man front, you know, a man's man, aloof, but behind that was a warm-hearted guy, and really quite shy, and with an acid sense of humour."

(Cilla Black)

Cilla is pictured here with George Harrison and Pattie Boyd at the premiere of "Alfie" for which she sang the theme song. Unfortunately I've been unable to find any pictures of John and Cilla together.

"It's funny, he had this caustic sense of humour, but at the end of the day if he thought he'd hurt anyone he'd be mortified...John was very, very sensitive. You can't write all those incredible, vulnerable songs - Imagine, Across The Universe, Julia - and not be vulnerable and sensitive.

"He was just a mate, this incredible artist doodling away in a corner in the Blue Angel who was so funny, and so shy, and what we had in common was the friendship and the music. God, I do miss him. "

(Cilla Black, Radio Times, October 2005)


pryco said...

Hi i read you cant find a photo of cilla black and john lennon together, well if you type into google images cilla black and john lennon you will find a photo of them together its the 7th photo on the 1st page.

Louise said...

Thanks for your help!

pryco said...

hey no problem!