Saturday, February 17, 2007

Year of the...

I was looking at a website about the Chinese Zodiac and thought I'd find out which sign each of the Beatles was born under. The descriptions were so accurate I was amazed!

George - 1943, Year of the Goat

Paul - 1942, Year of the Horse

John and Ringo - 1940, Year of the Dragon (I think this one applies more to John than to Ringo)

What do you think?

John and Yoko were obviously aware of the significance of the dragon - the John Lennon Museum website has a picture of a black Yamaha acoustic guitar with a dragon motif that Yoko gave John in 1977.


beatlefan86 said...

Hey, it's Chinese New Year today, did you know that? Year of the Pig. But yeah, those are interesting. Quite true!

Louise said...

Yes, I knew that. That's what gave me the idea. :)