Saturday, July 08, 2006

Beatle and John Lennon Photo Albums

Current number of pictures: 3,100

About Sing My Heart's Photo Albums:

1) The pictures in these albums were either scanned by me, have been taken with permission from various websites and forums, or are photos I've had saved for a while and can't remember where they came from. If I post anything that you think belongs to you just let me know so I can either remove it or give you the credit for it. No copyright infringement is intended.

2) You're welcome to take any of the pictures you find here, but if you're planning to use a lot of them, a link to my blog would be appreciated.

Here are the links to my Photobucket albums where most of my pictures are stored. Some of the albums are then further divided into sub-albums. Sorry they're not better organized!

Beatles Pictures

John Lennon Pictures

George Harrison Pictures

Paul McCartney Pictures

Ringo Starr Pictures

John and Cynthia Pictures

John and Yoko Pictures

My Favourite Pictures

Special Albums

Screencaps and Scans


I found some of these pictures at:
Watching Rainbows

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