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George Tells You All About Meditation

An article I typed from a 60s magazine, about George Harrison and meditation.

From "Datebook", May 1968

George Tells You All About Meditation

When DB's publishing director Art Unger was in London with The Beatles recently, he was invited by George Harrison to talk about Transcendental Meditation.

"We've got to get the meditation message across to all young people!" George told me in London recently. All of the Beatles are still involved with the Yogi Maharesh Maharishi and Transcendental Meditation.

"Then it must be explained more clearly than it has been up till now," I said, "or the kids will simply feel it's some sort of mystic mumbo jumbo."

"Well, Art," George volunteered, "let's clear it up for them!"

So, the following day, George and Pattie Harrison visited me at the Mayfair Hotel and for three solid hours we talked and talked and talked about life, after-life and meditation, exclusively for teenagers everywhere and especially for 'Datebookers'.
Here are some of the highlights of that taped conversation...exactly as George spoke the words.

- Art Unger

Religion and Meditation

* Transcendental Meditation is not a substitute for religion; it is part of religion really. In actual fact, in every religion they've had some form of meditation. Christ said, "seek the Kingdom of Heaven that lies within". Well, transcendental meditation takes you to that state which is the Kingdom of Heaven within. It's within everybody. It takes you to a level of consciousness that is absolute; that isn't subject to the relative states of consciousness, like good and bad, black and white. And all those things that are equal and opposite to each other.

* If somebody was a Catholic and he wanted to meditate, then it would help him understand Catholicism. Same for Jewish people. Whatever religion it is, meditation will help you to understand better what your religion means.

* The thing in my life is to get the maximum energy, happiness and all those things. We're all living now, and whatever life we lead, it could be better. And transcendental meditation is a way of tapping a source of energy that's inside us all, enabling us to get the maximum out of life.

Getting Started

* How do you get started meditating? Well, you've got to be taught by an instructor, which makes it rather difficult. You just can't read a book about it and then go and do it, because you won't be doing it right. But in a way, it's good that it's taught like that because you get instruction that gives you some sort of experience and then you talk to the person – the instructor – about the experience, and based on the experience you get the next instruction. So it's all taken step by step. But that's why it's so effective, because it's taken individually for each person.

* There are various forms of meditation and in the States there are quite a lot of people, either who've been there and set up organisations or who are still there now. Particularly in New York. There are about four or five swamis in New York who all teach meditation. It may not be exactly the same as the meditation we're doing, because it's not from the same teacher. But in its own personalized way, it'll be very similar. The whole thing is to get to the same place. And obviously, there are a few roads all leading to the same place.

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