Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ono Reconciles With Lennon Mistress

John Lennon's former mistress May Pang and widow Yoko Ono have finally made peace after an impromptu reunion in Iceland.

Pang, who had an 18-month affair with the former Beatle during her time as his personal assistant, had been icily received by Ono over the past 20 years. But the two love rivals managed to bump into each other at a hotel in Reykjavik on what would have been Lennon's 66th birthday (09 Oct 06).

Pang says, "By chance we were both staying in the same hotel on John's birthday. I went up to her and sort of said hello and I wished her well on her project, as she was unveiling a sculpture in Reykjavik.

"It was so funny because Iceland is neutral territory - it's where the politicians have had all those summit meetings. So it was quite fitting for us.
"I sat back down again and she came round again.

"She spotted me and started waving wildly at me, saying, 'Hi, hi, hi!'"

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