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The Beatles at Christmas!

What can you buy for the Beatles?
What do the Beatles want to give you? Here are the surprise answers.

If the Beatles had their private wish, they’d give all their fans a very special present this Christmas: John, Paul, Ringo and George would appear casually together on television and have it transmitted around the world by Tel Star. On this show, they’d talk to those who love them and say, “Merry Christmas” in the way only those four can say it, by music. Their wish for the fans this Christmas and in the coming year is “Happiness” spelled with a capital H.

At Christmas, the Beatles spend the holidays with their families. This year, for the first time, Paul will be at his farm. But Ringo, George and John will be at home with their wives and parents. John’s aunts will be with him and Cyn this year. Though George recently bought a home in India, he will be with Pattie in England.

Last year was a joyous time for each Beatle. John bought presents for all his friends and wrapped them in gorgeous colored paper. The boxes looked so beautiful stacked around his house that John couldn’t bear to give them away. Instead he left them all over his house, gazing at them from time to time, glad to see Christmas around the Lennon house all year long. He and Cyn bought John Julian a 20 foot stuffed dog. On Christmas Eve, John invited eight of his special friends over to view the film “Miracle on 34th Street”. This is a movie about Santa Claus which is often shown on American TV. John gets a great kick out of this flick and he wants to show it again this year.

In 1964, George bought Pattie a ring anticipating their February marriage. It wasn’t an engagement or wedding ring, but Pattie adored it, just as she adores everything that George buys her. Ringo’s present to George last year was a huge mahogany cabinet in which George stores his guitars.

How The Beatles Shop For Xmas

Ringo is the most extravagant of the four. He can’t resist buying everything that strikes his fancy for his many friends. Also at Christmas Ringo gets great satisfaction from doing things for the poor and needy. It’s a little known fact that the last time Ringo was in the hospital for his tonsillectomy, he counted the children in the ward and, upon his arrival home, sent get-well toys to each of them. When he buys for Maureen, it’s not unlike Ringo to get her a custom sports car. He can hardly imagine purchasing anything less for his very much loved wife.

George, when it comes to Pattie, is also overboard. He always buys her gifts that no woman would ever need. To George, a useful gift is useless.

John gets great pleasure from buying funny presents for all his friends. His imagination runs rampant and all his friends eagerly await his thoughtful purchases. Last year they were disappointed because John kept them all. Maybe they’ll have better luck this year.

Paul lets Jane help him Christmas shop. As he tends to be the most practical Beatle, Paul spends a great deal of time choosing each gift with care. His buys range from the extremely practical to the unheard of objects that delight the receivers.

Gifts That Will Please The Beatles!

TIGER BEAT recently asked several of the Beatles’ closest friends what they would buy each Beatle if they had unlimited money to spend. Here’s what they decided upon:

For John: An ancient wall safe that plays a medley of Beatle songs if a burglar attempts to crack it.
For Ringo: Fifty turtle-neck sweaters in all colors or a new ring made out of a chip from the Hope Diamond.
For Paul: Eight or nine horses for his farm.
For George: A new recording studio built into his home to surprise him.

What Fans Can Give The Beatles

Surprisingly enough, the Beatles keep most of the gifts fans send them. Naturally, John and Ringo give many of the toys sent John Julian and Zak to Children’s Hospitals, but only after the boys have enjoyed them.

If you’re a fan who wants to send the Beatles a gift, here are some suggestions the boys will appreciate:

For George: Records that he can’t buy in England.
For Ringo: Stuffed animals for Zak. Ringo also enjoys them.
For John: Books that he can’t obtain in England with your personal message written inside.
For Paul: Don’t send him Christmas gifts. Wait for the wedding.

Whatever the Beatles do this Christmas, you can be sure it will be joyous and full of cheer. How wonderful it would be if we all could spend this very special time close to the Beatles, whom we all love very much.

From Tiger Beat, January 1967
Thanks to Katie for sending me this article

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