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The ‘Bare’ Facts About George’s Future

Article from Teenworld, December 1964

The Quiet Beatle’s making some predictions. Wanna listen in now?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when he thinks about what he’ll be doing ‘five years from now’. When George Harrison, The Quiet Beatle, started to think about his future, he let us in on a few secrets. And we at TEEN WORLD knew you’d want to be the first to hear about George’s future plans. So here they are – the ‘bare’ facts, the ‘naked’ truth.

Of course, the first thing George considered was his love life. There is a certain girl who seems to be on George’s mind a lot – 18 year-old Pattie Boyd. Pattie’s in The Beatles’ first flick, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. She has long, straight blonde hair and looks a lot like Jane Asher and Cynthia ‘Beatle’ Lennon. But George told us he doesn’t believe in ‘going steady’.

We asked George if Pattie might be THE girl to share his future.

“I don’t have any serious plans in the immediate future with any girl,” George confided. “Sure, I’ll get married one day…but right now, I can’t picture myself ‘playing house’.”

That brought up another of George’s ideas. One day, he’d love to own his own home, something like the one his folks live in. He described it as “a place to put my feet up and feel ‘comfy’”. George explained that a summer home is in the picture too. One near the shore.

Besides owning his own home, George hopes to buy a car that he can drive very fast.
“I’ve always loved driving fast cars,” he said, “but never had time for it. And now that I’m a Beatle, I certainly don’t have the time!”

However, George thinks he will have time in the near future to write more songs, the way John and Paul do! (That’s his ‘secret desire’.)

Naturally, everyone’s already heard of another of George’s future plans – to design a brand new type of guitar.

“I have a whole collection of Spanish guitars now,” George confided. “But I don’t have the time to take lessons from a teacher and seriously study this great instrument. So I’ll just have to wait. I hope not too long.”

By this time, George was a bit out of breath with so many ideas for the future. But he insisted on telling us about his biggest dream. As soon as he has a chance – and we doubt that will be in the very near future – he plans to take a long trip through the United States for about a year or so.

“Before we came to America as a group I took a fab trip alone. I drove up to Cape Cod in a rented car. I rode the subway in New York till I found myself in Brooklyn. And what do I find in the neighborhood of the subway station – a supermarket! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these people wheeling their shopping carts through the ‘check-out’ aisles, spending forty and fifty dollars on food! And they just looked like ordinary working people too!”

As you can see it’s the everyday life in America that fascinates the ‘Quiet Beatle’. We hope his wish will come true – to see America again, as a celebrity or as an ordinary traveller.

In the meantime, George has been writing a daily column for an English newspaper! We hear he’s really gear! In fact, who knows? If he’s still interested in writing in the future, you might read one of his articles in TEEN WORLD!

Whatever George Harrison finally decides to do, we are sure his TW fans will be among the very first to know!

[George Harrison]

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