Sunday, October 15, 2006

John's early writings

"I was passionate about "Alice in Wonderland" and drew all the characters. I did poems in the style of 'Jabberwocky'. I used to love Alice, and "Just William". I wrote my own William stories, with me doing all the things."

"I wanted to write Alice in Wonderland, but when you think, ‘Whatever I do I’m never going to topple Leonardo,’ you get to thinking, ‘What’s the use?’ A lot of people had more pain than me and they’ve done better things."

"I wouldn't say I was a born writer; I'm a born thinker. I'd always been able at school - when they want you to imagine something instead of giving you a subject, I could do that."

(John Lennon, "The Beatles Anthology")

While at Dovedale Primary School, John produced a 'magazine' called “Sport, Speed and Illustrated - Edited and Illustrated by J. W. Lennon”, which he filled with newspaper clippings, and his own drawings and stories, ending with the message "If you liked this, come again next week. It'll be even better". On March 18th 1952, he wrote: “Today I made a magazine. I would have made it yesterday only I was away. We made them by backing a pamphlet with brown paper. I name mine 'My Book of sport, speed and illustrations'.” He continued, “I will make up stories and illustrate with them...I may put some advertisements in my magazine and will make them up myself. If some of my drawings for Mr Bob don't go on the board I will write poems about them and stick them in my book."

"The Daily Howl" was another book John produced, mainly to entertain his friends at Quarry Bank Grammar School. This included jokes and wordplay such as '"Today will be Muggy, followed by Tuggy, Wuggy, and Thuggy' and 'Shorthand typist wanted, preferably with short hand'.

"One of my earlier efforts at writing was a 'newspaper' called the Daily Howl. I would write it at night, then take it to school and read it aloud to my friends; looking at it now it seems strangely similar to the Goon Show! Even the title had "highly esteemed" before it!"

(John Lennon, The New York Times, 1972)

John continued writing during his time at Art College and some of his poems and short stories were published in Bill Harry's "Mersey Beat" newspaper. They included "Being A Short Diversion On The Dubious Origins Of Beatles (Translated From The John Lennon)", and a column entitled "Around and About by Beatcomber". All of these articles are still under copyright but can be read at the official Mersey Beat website.

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