Friday, October 20, 2006

John Lennon's Third Book

After the success of "In His Own Write" and "A Spaniard in the Works", John began writing a third book, but it was never completed. Find out why in the article below.

A poem called "The Toy Boy" was the only piece John finished before plans for the book were abandoned. On my John Lennon Links page, you'll find a link where you can read a copy of "The Toy Boy" at Snoupi's Saloon.


Article from "Teen World", September 1965

What? Can it really be true? Is it possible that John’s become speechless? Now you’ll find out!

John Lennon, writer of books, co-writer of songs, spokesman for The Beatles, would be in a sorry mess if he ever found that he had nothing more to say! But that’s just what this story is about…and the conclusion we’ve come to may just surprise you.

When we asked John about his writing career and what it meant to him (in terms of the future) he got a strange look in his eye.

“To tell the truth,” he began quietly, “I get a little worried about that at times. It’s true I’ve published two books. And I have enough material left in my head and around the house to do one more perhaps. But after that, I just don’t know.”

The trouble is that people expect John to continue writing books, now that his first two were such great successes. Those people consider John a writer, as well as a performing Beatle. But the question is – is he?

“That’s a good question,” John said and chuckled. “Right now, I can almost say I’m not much of a writing Beatle. Since I finished writing my second book, A Spaniard In The Works, I find I don’t have much left to say. The two books I’ve written are really quite similar, you see. And since I don’t feel under any real pressure to keep pouring the books out, I find I’ve run out of words to fill another one with.”

Of course, John hasn’t said he won’t ever write another book. But he’ll have to wait a while before he gets started.

“Sometimes I just stare at the empty page in my typewriter as if I’m waiting for the words to appear by some kind of magic. Well, that kind of magic just doesn’t work!”

We asked John how his songwriting has been affected –

“That’s another story altogether,” he said. “Because Paul and I have to write songs, we seem to do them as a matter of course. The books, you see, are extra. But we need the songs for our shows and records. The only times I’m at a loss for song material is when we have to polish off about four or five in two or three hours. Then it gets rough.”

Still, all the books and songs John has written have been smashes. And we don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t continue to be.

“It may be a while before John-the-writer hammers out another book,” John concluded. “But I promise I’ll keep working at it. I’m not the type to let my fans – or my readers – down, you know.”

We know very well. Don’t you?

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