Thursday, September 07, 2006

John Confides In Us

Article first appeared in "Star Time", October 1965.


Take a peek at how the Lennons spend precious moments alone!

Everybody knows what the Chief Beatle does most of the time. His hours are filled with rehearsals, writing songs, rehearsals, writing books, keeping an eye on Ringo, setting up concerts, cutting records, making movies. It goes on and on…but what does John do in those few but precious off hours? We knew you’d be interested, so we got in touch with the Lennons and asked them –

“It’s like this, luv,” John said. “Cynthia and I realise that my being a Beatle means we have to be separated a lot. So we decided to make our moments together full ones. We try to do all the things we enjoy. For instance, if we have an afternoon free, we may pack a picnic hamper and go into the English countryside. We’ll just sit under a tree and talk or maybe I’ll make up a poem for her. Quiet, simple times like those can be especially wonderful when you’re used to moving about so much – the way we do.”

Cynthia continued, “Other times we’ll take little John to visit Aunt Mimi. She brought big John up, you know, and the baby loves her very much. We enjoy watching him laugh when she picks him up in the air. And I enjoy it doubly much because I know Aunt Mimi did the same thing to John when he was a baby. If you can imagine John being a baby!”

We all sort-of chuckled at that. And then John said-

“Another thing that Cyn and I treasure is sitting over a cup of tea or coffee early in the morning before the city is up and busy. In the still hours of dawn, we watch the sunrise and think of how lucky we are.”

(Hearing John speak this way we realise again what a wonderful guy he is!)

Cyn went on, “Then there are special times when we have something to celebrate – like an anniversary or when the boys have a record that’s Number One on the charts. After we go to the big parties, we slip away and go someplace where no one knows us. It’s getting harder to find places like that, but we have a few left. We dance and have a glass of wine. John even sings to me. It’s private – and oh, so special. Times like those are my favorites.”

John smiled and confided, “I remember one special time when Cyn and I really had a thrill. It was right after ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ hit Number One in the States. I took Cyn by the hand and into the biggest store in London. Then I told her to pick anything she wanted – within reason, of course.”

“I really had a wonderful time,” Cyn put in. “I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams. I bought a whole new wardrobe – all in leather and suede. Knowing John, you can see why I did. They’re his two favorite fabrics. I bought skirts and vests, jumpers and hats, gloves and shoes, and even four coats! It was an extravagance, but we both feel you have to spend some of your money when you can enjoy it!”

It’s obvious that John and Cyn do enjoy themselves. And we know that you’re pleased they decided to share some of their happier, special, and very private moments with you!

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