Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thought For The Day #5

John Lennon talks about his fans to Beatle Book Monthly (May, 1964):

"I never realized exactly what fans were like until we left the Liverpool scene. We never thought of the girls of The Cavern as fans. They were friends we'd met and chatted up in the clubs. In those days I suppose to be a Beatle fan meant to join the four of us in the coke bar between sessions and to talk about guitars and new numbers and the possibility of having success with our first record.

"I first became aware of having fans when strangers actually came up to me in the street to ask me to sign their books or pictures. In Liverpool, there wasn't any need to ask for autographs because we were all on first-name terms with most of the girls who followed us around from club to club. The idea of being recognized in London or in Glasgow by people I'd never seen before was a bit frightening at first. I suddenly felt as though eyes were staring at me from holes in every wall and hidden voices were whispering "That's John Lennon out of that Liverpool group".

"The next stage was to feel all proud and important because so many different people wanted to know us. Then came the time when we'd find great crowds waiting for us wherever we went. Even if it was just a broadcasting studio and there hadn't been any publicity to tell the fans where to find us. These days, Beatle People roll up in big numbers in all sorts of unexpected places. It's great. We finish up having races with the fans to see who can reach doorways first. If they win, we loose a tie or a scarf or something. It's terrific to know that so many people are interested in you. I only wish we could be on friendly first-name terms with every fan we've got - like a sort of enormous Cavern Club where everybody knew everybody else."

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