Friday, September 15, 2006

Lennon like Superman but no saint in new film: Ono

Thu Sep 14, 2006 10:03am ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A new film about John Lennon's peace campaign and the U.S. government's efforts to silence him presents the former Beatle as a Superman figure battling evil, but no saint, according to his widow Yoko Ono.

"The U.S. vs John Lennon," which will be released in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, is a documentary pieced together from old newsreels and rarely seen home movies.

It documents FBI surveillance of Lennon and his battle with immigration authorities who tried to deport him in the 1970s in what the film says was an effort to stifle his anti-Vietnam War activism.

Some critics said the film effectively presents Lennon and Ono as united throughout even though they were separated and he was living with another woman for more than a year at the time.

"This story, which is the true story and a very important story, has not been discussed so much as the tabloid thing," she said at a news conference.

"I don't think he's coming out as a saint," Ono added, pointing to scenes where Lennon is angry or impatient.

"The struggle that he went through confronting these big powers, it's almost like a very interesting Superman kind of thing -- bad against good," she said.

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