Sunday, September 10, 2006

George Shocks Pattie!

Article from 'Teen Pin-Ups', August 1966

Pattie nearly fainted – and with good reason! Oh, that George!

The street was dark and deserted. A few lamps flickered on and off in the quiet street, casting shadows on the bushes and across the sidewalks. Two people walked down the street, hand in hand. They walked slowly, close together. And very once in a while, they stopped walking and talked together for a second or two.

Those two people were George Harrison and his girlfriend at the time, Pattie Boyd. They were coming home from an evening out at one of the clubs in the area. They’d sat quietly in a corner and talked most of the evening and now George was taking Pattie home.

George told us, “I’d been dating Pattie ever since she first came on the set of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. You might say we hit it off right away. I mean, we liked each other and liked being with each other. But for me, Pattie was just a girl who was fun to be with. I didn’t picture myself thinking really seriously about her in the beginning.”

That was in the beginning. But that night, the night George walked Pattie home from the club, his thoughts changed.

George confided, “It can be difficult to know when you’re really in love. That may sound strange but it’s really true! Sure, I knew I liked Pattie a lot. But thinking of loving her, of marrying her and settling down – that was a different story!”

George and Pattie had already talked about their feelings for each other very casually. And they’d given out statements to the press, too. But during all that time, they hadn’t really thought that deeply about what they were saying, or not saying. They denied any real serious feelings so often to newspapers, they’d almost talked each other into believing it themselves.

George told us, “I know Pattie thought I didn’t actually love her. After all, I didn’t even know it myself!”

Anyway, that night George knew it – finally and absolutely. And that night, he told her so. Not in so many words…in gestures, the way he looked at her, the way he held her hand, the way he kissed her lightly on the tip of her nose. All of these things told Pattie what words didn’t have to tell her.

George told us, “I guess I shocked Pattie. I mean, she didn’t expect me to fall in love with her! Later, she told me she’d wished it would happen. But she’d never expected it…not then, anyway.”

It’s funny how some things do happen. Pattie loved George and George loved Pattie. But neither one fully realised it. And when they finally did, it was surprising – even shocking – to both of them!

George smiled and said, “We’ve gotten over the shock, though. Both of us.”
We’d certainly say that was true, George. And it’s a pretty good thing too!

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