Friday, September 01, 2006

Elton John on John Lennon

"I was terrified of meeting him because of his biting wit and musical genius. But it was like meeting an old friend - he was warm, sweet and very funny...There was no swagger - just humility and warmth. It was as if for two years the sun shone directly on me, and that heat has stayed with me forever. I loved him and will never forget."

"He is the only person in this business who is absolutely, one hundred percent sacred to me. And even if I'm doing bad things to myself, or if I'm being totally miserable or morose, or being unreasonable with people, I sometimes think, 'Oh my God, John, if there is really a big pearly gate, you're going to be standing outside of it and giving me the biggest lecture.'

"That's because he's the only person in this business that I've ever looked up to, the only person. I've met my equals. I've met people who are great, like Mick Jagger and Pete Townshend, who I admire tremendously, but they are not in the same league, I'm sorry."

"I love Lennon's work all along the line - except I didn't like Sometime in New York City very much. It had a couple of nice things. I liked Woman Is the Nigger of the World. I'm basically a fan of John's writing more than I am of Paul's - although I did like a couple of Paul's albums."

[all quotes from Elton John]

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