Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thought For The Day #2

"The one wish I’d pick is a serious one. I’d want to make sure I’d get my money’s worth out of my wish. Anyway, I’d want to change places with one of my fans for one day. The fan would be me – and I’d be the fan. Then I’d have the opportunity to scream at her and pull at her clothes and tears out hunks of her hair. I’d go to her house (really my house, you realise) and pound on the doors and windows. I’d stand out there for hours and not go away. And if the fan (being me for the day) came out, I’d start screaming and jumping up and down. I’d leave finally, but when I did, I’d take clumps of grass out of the lawn and pull flowers out of the garden. If I were a fan for a day and a fan was me, she wouldn’t forget me so fast, I assure you of that!"

John Lennon tells a teen magazine about his biggest wish (July, 1965)

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