Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ringo's 2nd Wife!

From "Teen Pin-Ups", August 1966

Ringo's 2nd wife!

Does Ringo have a hidden past? Or is it a hidden future? Find out the facts about this girl!

She’s small and slim, has a very clear complexion and has dark red-brown hair. She’s pretty and pert – and she’s Maureen Starkey, Ringo’s wife! But what is she like “behind the scenes” in her own home? That’s what you’re going to find out right now!

Ringo told us, “I guess Maureen’s gotten a ‘public image’ since she’s married me. Everyone thinks she’s very shy and quiet and content to stay in the background. I guess people picture her as the ‘typical’ Beatle girl –with long, straight hair and a very definite taste for Mod clothes. People may think she’s even rather ‘colorless’ just because she does stay in the background and not say much.”

Ringo looked around seriously. Then he cleared his throat and continued. “But people have her all wrong! Why, the girl who stands by my side for rare publicity pictures and the girl who cooks my dinner are two different people! It’s almost as if I have two wives!”

Well, we’re going to tell you about the ‘second one’ – the private one. And we’re starting with the idea that she’s not as shy and quiet as you might think!

Ringo confided, “It’s not her fault that she doesn’t go to press conferences and is hustled away when we land at airports. If she had her own way, it might not be like that! She actually loves to be with people and talk to them. Why, you should see her at a party,” he told us with a smile. “She’s not so shy and retiring then! In fact, she dances almost as well as I do!” He smiled and winked. “Notice – I said almost.”

Although Beatle girls usually ‘fade into the background’ when the boys are travelling, Maureen definitely shares a big part of Beatle life at other times. And it’s all her own idea!

Ringo confided, “Did you know that she used to handle a lot of our fan mail? Mostly, I suppose, she dealt with mine. I even think she used to hide mine – so I couldn’t get interested in any of the girl fans!” He smiled broadly then. “Come to think of it, my fan mail was much less while I was dating Maureen!”

And is Maureen (or Mo, as her close friends call her) the stylish Mod girl pictures of her show?

Ringo said, “I think the image of her as a typical Mod girl is my doing. Actually, I talked her into letting her hair grow and wearing the kind of clothes she does now. She never used to, though she’s starting to like it now. As a matter of fact, I always help her pick out her clothes – even today! So if anyone’s the Mod it’s me – not my wife!”

Although Maureen’s taste may not run toward the Mod look, she has definite opinions about other things!

Ringo said, “For one thing, my wife just can’t stand square-shaped rooms. In fact, we took one particular flat just because it had an L-shaped living room! And a girl who’d buy her husband antique swords for his birthday – well, that girl can’t be ‘colorless’, she has to have good taste.”

One thing’s sure, Maureen has excellent taste when it comes to picking husbands!


premierludwig said...

I've never read this article before, thanks for transcribing it!

Please can I have your permission to use it on my Maureen site, Little Willow?

I will of course credit you for transcribing it and link to your blog.


Louise said...

Hi Senti,
Yes, you're welcome to use any of my articles as long as you credit me. I love your Maureen site (and your sites for the other Beatle girls) - you already have so much great stuff on there I'm glad I've managed to find something new for you. :)