Friday, August 04, 2006

Ringo on John

"I met John in a coffee bar in Liverpool. He was rehearsing with George and Paul. I was with Rory Storm at the time, 1960 - could even have been '59 - and that’s where I first met him. We weren’t friends then; we just said hello because we were both in bands and I really got to know him in Germany. Fabulous guy. He liked to rock and roll and that’s what I liked to do too.

"He influenced me quite a bit actually. You know, one of the things with John is if there was a swimming pool he would jump in and he’d be out getting dry by the time I got my toes in. He influenced me that way – taking a chance. He had the biggest heart of any man I’ve met to this day. He was a giving, loving, caring human being. He was crazy as well some days but the guy would give you his heart."

[Ringo Starr]

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