Sunday, August 20, 2006

John Lennon says: "I want to lead a normal life"

This article appeared in "The Dave Clark Five vs The Beatles", 1964

John Lennon says: "I want to lead a normal life"

“I want my wife to lead a normal life and not be pestered night and day just because she’s married to one of the Beatles.” And so far the leader of the Beatles, also known as “The Sexy One” has been fairly successful in keeping his private life separate from the frenzied furor that surrounds him and the other three members of the group.

While female Beatlemaniacs may mourn the fact that Lennon has already been spoken for, and is not only a husband but a father too, it hasn’t spoiled his popularity. In fact, some of the more devoted fans make it a point to visit his home in Liverpool. While he accepts this as part of the price of success he isn’t crazy about it.

“My wife married me, not because I’m a Beatle, but because she loves me. Why should she have to be bothered by publicity?” He feels even more so about his young son. “I had a normal life, growing up in Liverpool – I did the things the best of the boys did in our neighborhood. I didn’t stand out in any way and nobody gave me any special attention. I think that’s best for a boy growing up, and I want it to be that way for my son.”

Suppose his son, too, shows a talent for music, we asked. Does he want the boy to follow in his footsteps?

“Time enough for that later on,” he shrugged. “If he’s got talent it’ll show in good time. Meanwhile, my wife and I just want him to have a normal childhood, you know what I mean?”

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