Sunday, August 20, 2006

John and Cynthia article

This is part of an article about John and Cynthia that appeared in 16 magazine, August 1965

Wherever he is, whatever he is doing, he is thinking of her. Her looks – the clothes he helps to choose for her, and the black leather cap he wears that she, too, sometimes wears. Even her cooking. Always.

And she will tell how he wrote his very first song, “I Lost My Little Girl”, when he was a thousand miles away thinking of her and lonely for her.

Because destiny brought them together before IT happened. He married her before the fans began to worship him almost beyond belief. And he hasn’t changed his mind about her since.

She thinks as she sits alone, waiting to hear his smoky voice, with its warm tonal quality, of the little ways which are the moments of their truest love together. Love! This is the keyword to John’s life. She knows the key belongs to her.

“When I’m home everything seems to be right.”

Because it reminds him of her. He knows as he walks among the roaring fans that she is somewhere, a long way perhaps, but waiting for him. And thinking of him.

And in the lonely hotel rooms, he is thinking of her.

“When I’m home everything seems to be right.”

She thinks of their son - John Jr. – and how one day she will explain his famous father to him. Together each thinks the same thought, a lovely thought that draws them even closer:

“When I’m home everything seems to be right.”

[Note: "I Lost My Liittle Girl" was actually one of the first songs written by Paul McCartney, not John Lennon.]

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