Thursday, August 31, 2006

Drive My Car

A look at some of John Lennon's cars

John passed his driving test on February 15th 1965. These pictures were taken that same day in George Martin's car outside Abbey Road Studios. (Click images to enlarge)

Rolls-Royce Phantom V

John bought this car in 1965. It was originally black but was later painted with psychedelic designs by 'The Fool', a team of Dutch artists.

Inside the Rolls-Royce after having it sent to Spain during the filming of "How I Won The War" in 1966.

Mini Cooper S

Information and pictures at Beatles Minis

Ferrari 330 GT

This is the only picture I can find of John's Ferrari. It was restored by Dodi al Fayed and sold at auction in 2000.

Iso Rivolta

John and Cynthia looking at a 142mph (230km/h) Iso-Rivolta S4 at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1967:

It's uncertain whether or not he actually bought the car that same day. According to the Telegraph 'John and his first wife Cynthia saw the four-door S4 (better known by its later title, Fidia) at the 1967 Earls Court Motor Show and wrote out a cheque for £8,000 on the spot. John is reported to have said, "What do you think, love?" to which Cynthia replied, "Ooh, it's lovely!"' Other sources say this isn't true.

Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman

John Lennon's Mercedes Pullman limousine was auctioned at London's Hard Rock Cafe in March 2001. The car had black velvet upholstery and an eight-track tape and record player.

Austin Maxi

This is the car John crashed while visiting family in Scotland in 1969. He had it mounted on a pedestal as a reminder of how lucky they were to be alive.

Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

Picture and information at Classic Cars from

Austin Princess Limousine Hearse

This car appeared in John and Yoko's 1973 'Imagine' film.

There was also a gold Porsche and a green Volkswagen Beetle, both of which John bought for Cynthia (Source: "John" by Cynthia Lennon).

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