Thursday, August 31, 2006

David John Paul George Ringo Lennon set for fame

31 August 2006

A JOHN Lennon fanatic from Worle has been chosen to audition for a DVD and CD which are being made to celebrate the music legend.

Pictured wearing round specs identical to the ones his hero was famous for, and with countless tattoos of the Beatles up his arms, it is obvious why the father-of-three has been picked.

He even changed his name from David Presley to David John Paul George Ringo Lennon 20 years ago because he was fed up with being called Elvis.

David, of Harrier Path, has been picked to audition for one of 20 places on a DVD and CD of John Lennon's greatest songs.

The finished recordings will be shown in the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. Similar exhibits have already been made for the likes of Bob Marley, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

Mr Lennon, 55, said: "I'm scared stiff. I can't sing. But I feel very honoured to be picked and I'm looking forward to it.

From The Weston Mercury

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