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Beatles' Girls: Cynthia Lennon

This article appeared in 16 magazine, November 1965
(There are one or two errors in the article - for example Cynthia's mother and John's Aunt Mimi did not attend their wedding.)

Beatles' Girls: Cynthia Lennon

John and Cynthia were married in August, 1962, but it wasn’t till over a year later that Beatles fans heard the news.

Despite all the changes this made to them both – like having to leave their Allerton home because they were pestered so much – Cyn has taken it all in her stride.

In fact, Cynthia Lennon has been taking it all quite calmly since the very beginning when she first bumped into the long-haired lad who was to become her hero.

Though nowadays she lives in a big mansion at Weybridge, Surrey, has a nanny to look after John Lennon II, and has a Rolls, Volkswagen, Ferrari, and Mini in the garage, Cynthia has changed little from those early days.

She is still the same quiet-spoken almost placid girl, who brewed endless cups of tea way back in 1962 when her husband John Lennon and fellow Beatle Paul McCartney got down to penning their first hit-to-be “Love Me Do”.

In those days, when the Beatles were emerging from the skiffle groove and earning only a few pounds a week between them, Cyn and John Lennon had little but love to keep them going.

There were times when it looked so hopeless that John, who had never had any other job in his life, started scanning the advertisements for work in the local papers.

It was then that the real power of Cynthia Lennon was shown with quietly whispered words of encouragement to keep going, no matter the odds, and a faith that everything would turn up trumps. The group redoubled its efforts, went to Germany and became a hit at Hamburg’s famous Star Club…where their name is still painted in red over the main doorway. Later they moved into the charts with “Love Me Do” and found a new pop generation ready and waiting to do just that.

Love, in fact, has been just about the most important word in Cynthia Lennon’s life since she first met John at art school in Liverpool. Love it was when she first began to notice the fellow student whose zany sense of fun often had everyone in stitches. Cynthia also loved the little tunes – conjured up out of the air – he used to whistle. She never guessed that these were the forerunners of others which were to become smash hits throughout the world.

Cyn and John dated between skiffle group sessions, usually after her long hours of sitting patiently by bandstands in church halls, clubs and ballrooms in the Liverpool area. And they would talk as John took her home, ten miles across the Mersey, to the little terraced house in Trinity Road, Hoylake, where she lived with her mother. When John and Cynthia decided to marry, chief guests at the wedding were Mrs Lilian Powell, the bride’s mother and John’s aunt, Mrs Mimi Smith, who had brought him up at her home in Menlove Avenue, Liverpool.

As the first Beatles wife, Cynthia Lennon quickly discovered it wasn’t the same as being married to a postman or a plumber or any other tradesman. The group was drawing big crowds, mostly girls to the Cavern Club. Their image had to be protected. It was decided that a wife wouldn’t quite fit into plans at that stage. So Cynthia Lennon had to disappear into the background for about 14 months. The Hard Day’s Night finally ended for her after the Beatles’ trip to Paris. She began to appear more and more in the news and everyone happily accepted her.

Cynthia and John both want to bring up their two year-old son, John Charles Julian, known as Julian, as any normal child. That is why little Julian frequently takes a trip north to stay with his grandmother and also to enjoy a holiday at the family’s favorite spot in North Wales.

What is Cynthia Lennon really like? Her mother once said: “Cynthia is a shy girl. She does not want to share the same bright spot as John.”

A friend says: “I think her main interest, outside her family and home, is art. She relaxes by painting. She was never really one of the beat clique.

“She has few close friends, but now that Ringo has married, Cynthia and Maureen have been drawn closer together.

“Cynthia is a very intelligent girl and has been a real inspiration to John. I don’t think he would have been half so good if they had not met.”

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