Friday, June 23, 2006

Beatle Quiz Results

Last updated: 10 February 2007

Which member of the Beatles are you? Take the quiz.

You're Cynthia Powell, John's girl!
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Congratulations! John is your true love! John is clever, witty, quick and also generous, caring and loyal.
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81% Survival Rate!
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You scored as Eggman John. You are the Eggman John. You are about to create some really delicate pieces of art or just a little piece of revolution at least.
Which John Lennon Are You?
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Lennon reincarnated
You scored 96%
You live, breathe and quite possibly are John Lennon. You worship the speakers his voice comes out of. You take holidays in Liverpool just because he has walked the streets there - hell, you re-mortgaged your house to buy a Rolls Royce and sold your granny to have it decorated in the groovy psychodelic style! You have my full respect.

The John Lennon Test

Congratulations and right on! You are one hundred percent Lennon Lover!

Are You a True John Lennon Lover?

You are 70's John. That whole nasty part of your life is over. You're pretty content, but you're finally letting out what you REALLY feel.
Which John Lennon Are You? (Quizilla)

Which Beatlemania Beatle Girl Are You?


Snoupi said...

I scored 'Beatlemania John', but I really feel more like a 'Nowhere Man".

Anonymous said...

I'm Eggman John, though it should be 'Eggwoman John' for me!

Isai said...

I scored as Guru John! Gear! Give Peace A Chance, Yeah!