Saturday, June 24, 2006

John Lennon Links

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John Lennon Links last updated: 27th May 2008

There are thousands, if not millions, of fantastic Beatles websites out there. However, good quality John Lennon sites are a lot harder to find. All of the sites listed below are worth visiting - if you know of any more please leave a comment below the post and I'll add your links to the list as soon as possible. (Please note - John Lennon links only. There's a separate page here for Beatles links.)

*General Interest* - the official website. - audio, videos, rare photographs, and a large archive of news articles.

- one of the longest-running John Lennon sites. Includes a discography, quiz, and a section of fans' art and poetry.

John Lennon Dreamsite - an Italian-based site available in English, Italian or Spanish.

John Lennon in Memoriam - this site has a huge collection of John's artwork.

You Are The Plastic Ono Band - one of my favourite John Lennon sites. Includes some rare interviews and lots of information on John's television and radio appearances.

- in German, but even if you don't speak German there are plenty of photos, pictures of John's guitars, and some great videos.

Absolute Elsewhere - this used to be my favourite but doesn't seem to be updated anymore. The layout is beautiful and the site includes exclusive articles and themed photo albums.

- a nice tribute with quotes, lyrics, wallpapers to download, and lots of pictures.

The US Versus John Lennon - This site focuses on the documentary "The US Versus John Lennon" but also includes videos, pictures, a detailed biography and more.

- features John Lennon and Beatles lyrics, guitar tabs, photos, downloads etc.

*Specific Interest*

The Toy Boy by John Lennon - link to a very rare poem written by John Lennon in 1965 (from Snoupi's Saloon)

The Writings of John Lennon - the texts of In His Own Write, A Spaniard in the Works and Skywriting by Word of Mouth.

The Prose and Poetry of John Lennon - Another site featuring stories and poems from John's books, along with other writings and quotes.

John Lennon Museum - official site of the John Lennon Museum in Japan.

The John Lennon FBI Files - information on the FBI files.

*John Lennon Forums and Groups*

Come Together - this is my own John Lennon forum and I'm known as 'nowheregirl'. I hope to see some of you there soon!

John Lennon Forum - new John Lennon forum run by Euanb.

All Lennon Club - MSN group with pictures, John's art, audio and videos. You'll need to join the group to access some parts of the site.

*Related Links*

This Bird Has Flown - a Cynthia Lennon site with lots of beautiful pictures.

Instant Karma - a site with articles and interviews dedicated to John, Yoko, Sean and Julian. - the official website of the 'Liverpool Lennons', John, Cynthia and Julian.

aiu: a yoko ono website - information on Yoko Ono's art and music, with news, interviews and photos. - Sean Lennon's official website.


Snoupi said...

Hi, singmyheart,

I have a link you might be interested in. The site is called "The Prose and Poetry of John Lennon", and its address is:

singmyheart said...

I've seen that site before but couldn't seem to find it again when I was compiling my list. Thanks for the link!

Peter said...

I've been looking for a compilation of links just like this. Thanks so much for posting it.