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John and the number 9

"I lived at 9 Newcastle Road. I was born on the ninth of October. It's just a number that follows me around, but numerologically, apparently I'm a number six or a three or something, but it's all part of nine."
John Lennon, 1980

"John was born October 9th, and he had an obsession with the number 9. Sean was also born October 9th. And when I saw little Sean and saw John become a father, it was very touching and encouraged me to get into the family business eventually. Also, I'm born October 18, which is 8 and 1. There's a big building in New York on 57th Street, and it has a huge Number 9. It's No. 9 West 57th Street. We used to walk past there and I'd say 'John, there's your building.'"
Peter Boyle, actor

John was born on October 9th, 1940.

John and Yoko's son, Sean, was also born on October 9th, 1975.

John travelled to and from Liverpool Art College on bus number 72 (7+2=9).

The license plate number on the car that killed his mother was KLF 630 (6+3+0=9), and was driven by Police Constable 126 (1+2+6=9).

"Penny Lane" (which has nine letters) is in postal district 18 (1+8=9) in Liverpool.

"Liverpool" itself also has nine letters.

Brian Epstein first saw John and the Beatles at the Cavern on November 9th 1961.

Brian secured their recording contract with EMI on May 9th 1962.

"Love Me Do", the Beatles debut record, was released on Parlophone R4949.

Paul McCartney's birthday is June 18th (1+8=9).

"Sgt. Pepper" has nine letters, as does McCartney, Mimi Smith, Jim Gretty (who sold John his first real guitar), Mr. Stevenson (his art college principal), Bob Wooler at the Cavern, the Maharishi, and Bill Harry at Mersey Beat.

The Beatles made their first Ed Sullivan Show appearance on 9th February, 1964.

John met Yoko on November 9th 1966.

John and Yoko had an apartment located at West 72nd Street, New York City (7+2=9), and their main Dakota apartment was also, at first, 72.

Early Beatles venue the Jacaranda has nine letters in its name.

Julian Lennon was born at Sefton General Hospital, 126 (1+2+6=9) Smithdown (nine letters) Road, Liverpool. Both John's mother and step father were pronounced dead there.

On the cover of "Walls & Bridges", there is a painting that John did when he was 11 of a footballer wearing the number "9" on his shirt.

John wrote the songs "Revolution 9", "#9 Dream", and "One After 909".

Revolution 9 features an engineer repeating the words "Number nine, number nine..."

"One After 909" was written at his mother's home at 9 Newcastle (nine letters) Road, Wavertree (nine letters), Liverpool (nine letters).

#9 Dream was released on John's ninth album, in the ninth month of 1974, the song peaked at #9 in the New Musical Express Charts and the "Ah, bowakawa pousee, pousee" phrase is exactly nine syllables long.

The titles of his albums "Mind Games" and "Rock & Roll" both contain nine characters.

John's first group was the Quarrymen (nine letters).

When John first met Cynthia, she was living at 18 (1+8=9) Trinity Road, Hoylake.

When John moved Mimi from Liverpool (nine letters) to Sandbanks (nine letters) in Dorset, her address was 126 (1+2+6=9) Panorama Road.

"All we are saying is give peace a chance" contains nine words.

John sold his home, Tittenhurst Park, to Ringo on September 9th 1973.

The two names John Ono Lennon and Yoko Ono Lennon together contain 9 "O"s.

In his final interview with Rolling Stone in 1980, John said that on his bedroom wall at the Dakota "I'd placed the number 9".

When John was killed at 10:50 pm in New York on December 8th, the five hour time difference meant that it was December 9th in Britain. He was pronounced dead at Roosevelt (nine letters) Hospital on Ninth Avenue, Manhattan (nine letters) at 11:07 pm (1+1+0+7=9).

[Most of these facts were taken from "Lennon:The Definitive Biography" by Ray Coleman]

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