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The first official Beatles stage show, "Love", opens tonight at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Performed by the Canadian circus troupe Cirque du Soleil, the show features a soundtrack of Beatles songs remixed by Sir George Martin and his son Giles. Acrobats, dancers, skaters and trampoline artists will bring to life characters such as Sgt Pepper, Lady Madonna and Mr Kite.
Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison are expected to attend tonight's premiere, along with George Martin, Cynthia Lennon, John Lennon's sons Julian and Sean, and George Harrison's son Dhani.
For more information, including pictures and video clips of the show, visit Cirque du Soleil's official website.

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Yoko Article

Here's a link to a new interview with Yoko in The Times:,,17909-2244041,00.html

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*General Interest* - the official website. - audio, videos, rare photographs, and a large archive of news articles.

- one of the longest-running John Lennon sites. Includes a discography, quiz, and a section of fans' art and poetry.

John Lennon Dreamsite - an Italian-based site available in English, Italian or Spanish.

John Lennon in Memoriam - this site has a huge collection of John's artwork.

You Are The Plastic Ono Band - one of my favourite John Lennon sites. Includes some rare interviews and lots of information on John's television and radio appearances.

- in German, but even if you don't speak German there are plenty of photos, pictures of John's guitars, and some great videos.

Absolute Elsewhere - this used to be my favourite but doesn't seem to be updated anymore. The layout is beautiful and the site includes exclusive articles and themed photo albums.

- a nice tribute with quotes, lyrics, wallpapers to download, and lots of pictures.

The US Versus John Lennon - This site focuses on the documentary "The US Versus John Lennon" but also includes videos, pictures, a detailed biography and more.

- features John Lennon and Beatles lyrics, guitar tabs, photos, downloads etc.

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The Toy Boy by John Lennon - link to a very rare poem written by John Lennon in 1965 (from Snoupi's Saloon)

The Writings of John Lennon - the texts of In His Own Write, A Spaniard in the Works and Skywriting by Word of Mouth.

The Prose and Poetry of John Lennon - Another site featuring stories and poems from John's books, along with other writings and quotes.

John Lennon Museum - official site of the John Lennon Museum in Japan.

The John Lennon FBI Files - information on the FBI files.

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Come Together - this is my own John Lennon forum and I'm known as 'nowheregirl'. I hope to see some of you there soon!

John Lennon Forum - new John Lennon forum run by Euanb.

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This Bird Has Flown - a Cynthia Lennon site with lots of beautiful pictures.

Instant Karma - a site with articles and interviews dedicated to John, Yoko, Sean and Julian. - the official website of the 'Liverpool Lennons', John, Cynthia and Julian.

aiu: a yoko ono website - information on Yoko Ono's art and music, with news, interviews and photos. - Sean Lennon's official website.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Yoko Ono still mourning John Lennon

Friday June 23, 04:08 PM

Yoko Ono has said that she has still not recovered from the murder of her husband John Lennon more than 25 years ago.

The artist and musician said her son, Sean, was "still suffering" after his father was killed on December 8, 1980.

Speaking of the plight of millions of widows worldwide, Mrs Ono said society must "give widows a chance".

She said: "It has been 25 years since my husband passed away and I still cannot get used to the idea. It is not just me, but my son who is still suffering from the loss of his father. I must confess that widowhood was something I did not think of very much until I became a widow myself.
"Largely because it was something that is just not talked about, especially widowhood as a social issue. The subject of widowhood in fact remains taboo in our society, more so than sex, money or politics."

She was speaking at a conference to mark International Widows Day, at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in central London. Also at the event was the Prime Minister's wife Cherie Blair, who is president of The Loomba Trust, the charity behind the day.

Guests heard from speakers including New York senator Hillary Clinton, actress and charity patron Joanna Lumley and Baroness Amos, the leader of the House of Lords. The conference will be followed by a Bollywood concert featuring a line up of Indian stars, including TV personalities, singers and dancers in Trafalgar Square.

Mrs Ono said her son, who was just five when his father was killed, was "devastated" by the loss and she quickly learned how "strong" she needed to be to cope.

She said: "We must get the message out that the problems that widows face are the problems of everyone in society. It's not an issue to be swept under the rug. Give widows a chance."

The artist was invited to speak by Mrs Blair, who first announced International Widows Day in Parliament last year. The Loomba Trust is a UK-based charity dedicated to helping the children of poor widows and other orphaned children in India and worldwide.

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You live, breathe and quite possibly are John Lennon. You worship the speakers his voice comes out of. You take holidays in Liverpool just because he has walked the streets there - hell, you re-mortgaged your house to buy a Rolls Royce and sold your granny to have it decorated in the groovy psychodelic style! You have my full respect.

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Kenwood was the name of the mock-Tudor house on St George's Hill in Weybridge, Surrey where John Lennon lived with Cynthia and Julian between 1964 and 1968.

Free Image Hosting at

"Weybridge won't do at all. I'm just stopping at it, like a bus stop. Bankers and stockbrokers live there; they can add figures and Weybridge is what they live in and they think it's the end, they really do. I think of it every day - me in my Hansel and Gretel house. I'll take my time; I'll get my real house when I know what I want."
From "How Does A Beatle Live? John Lennon Lives Like This" by Maureen Cleave, 1966.

Here are some pictures of John and Julian in the garden and around the pool area:
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

John and Julian indoors:
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

Cynthia at home:
Free Image Hosting at

A gypsy caravan that John kept in the garden. The psychedelic designs were painted by "The Fool", the same group of artists who painted his Rolls Royce and the Apple building in London.
Free Image Hosting at

John originally wanted to have the floor of his pool covered in mirrors but when it was pointed out that this would be impractical he settled for a giant eye mosaic instead.
Free Image Hosting at
Here's a 2002 article about the eye from the Liverpool Echo.

The John Lennon Test

Lennon reincarnated
You scored 96%

You live, breathe and quite possibly are John Lennon. You worship the speakers his voice comes out of. You take holidays in Liverpool just because he has walked the streets there - hell, you re-mortgaged your house to buy a Rolls Royce and sold your granny to have it decorated in the groovy psychodelic style! You have my full respect.

The John Lennon Test

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lennon plectrum goes on display

Jun 20 2006
Daily Post

A GUITAR plectrum believed to be one of the earliest creations of John Lennon is going on display at Lennon's childhood home, Mendips.

The plastic piece has been loaned to the National Trust by a former owner of the Woolton house called Mr Arnall.

His parents bought Mendips from Mimi Smith, John Lennon's aunt. Lennon lived at Mendips from 1945 until 1963.

The new owners claim to have found a cupboard left behind by Mimi when she moved out. Inside, they discovered a home-made guitar plectrum.

A National Trust spokesman said it was known the young Lennon made his own plectrums.

He added: "Was this a plectrum made and used by John Lennon?

"It isn't possible to say for certain, but it's unlikely to have belonged to anyone else."

The plectrum is on loan to the National Trust until June 2007.

A BOOKCASE built by the young Paul McCartney is to be sold at an auction of Beatles memorabilia.

The former Beatle made the furniture while a student at Liverpool Institute in the 1960s.

It will be auctioned in the Paul McCartney Auditorium at Lipa on Saturday, August 26.

IC Liverpool

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Paul McCartney's Birthday

Happy 64th birthday, Paul!

Lyrics and information on "When I'm 64" (Courtesy of Steve's Beatles page)

The Seven Ages of Paul McCartney - a biography of Paul from BBC News.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

John Lennon videos

ZippyVideos have some rare John Lennon videos, including clips of John on The Tomorrow Show and The David Frost Show. Just type 'john lennon' into the search box to find a complete list of the clips, or try the links below:

john lennon - tomorrow show interview (04-28-'75).wmv

john lennon - atica state (live david frost 13-01-'72).wmv

john lennon - john sinclair (live david frost).wmv


Nutopia was the name of a conceptual country announced by John and Yoko at a special press conference on April Fool's Day, 1973.

The official declaration of Nutopia
We announce the birth of a conceptual country, Nutopia.
Citizenship of the country can be obtained by declaration of your awareness of Nutopia.
Nutopia has no land, no boundaries, no passports, only people.
Nutopia has no laws other than cosmic. All people of Nutopia are ambassadors of the country.
As two ambassadors of Nutopia, we ask for diplomatic immunity and recognition in the United Nations of our country and its people.

Yoko Ono Lennon
John Ono Lennon
Nutopian Embassy
One White Street
New York,New York 10013
April 1st, 1973

* The flag of Nutopia is a plain white square.
* John recorded a track called the "Nutopian International Anthem" which was actually just a few seconds of silence. It was included on his "Mind Games" album.
* A plaque with the words "Nutopian Embassy" was hung outside John and Yoko's apartment at the Dakota.

John and Yoko waving the flag of Nutopia (white handkerchiefs):

Some interesting links:

John Plays For Time - Announces Nutopia At Press Conference (From

First Exhibition of Nutopian Embassy Seal on display at the John Lennon Museum.

Beatle Quizzes

If you enjoy Beatles trivia, one of my favourite websites, FunTrivia, has literally hundreds of quizzes on the Beatles, covering subjects such as songs, lyrics, albums, and a separate section for each individual Beatle. Click on the link below to start taking the quizzes:

Friday, June 16, 2006

The recording of Give Peace A Chance

An insider’s view of the Montreal bed-in: PAUL WILLIAMS – journalist and backing singer on Give Peace A Chance (Q, 2000)

I wasn’t there as a journalist or a singer (I’m not a singer) but three months earlier when Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner asked me to interview Timothy Leary, I had no idea what the end result would be; my four minutes and 49 seconds in rock’n’roll history as an impromptu member of the Plastic Ono Band for the recording of the first ever solo single by a Beatle, John Lennon’s immortal anthem Give Peace A Chance.

The night before, in the Montreal hotel room where John and Yoko were holding their second Bed-In For Peace, John had taught the song to Timothy and Rosemary Leary and me, in the company of Yoko and Beatles spokesman Derek Taylor, both of whom, of course, also sang on the record which was to be recorded next morning. The other singing and hand-clapping people on the recording included comedian Tommy Smothers and close to a dozen people from a local Hare Krishna temple, invited at John’s request. And presumably a recording engineer and someone holding a video camera.

So how did it happen? Well, my little story goes something like this: I did meet and interview Tim Leary in his home in Berkeley, California in February 1969. (The interview went unpublished because Tim and I took the opportunity to tease Jann Wenner within the interview in a manner that he recognised as friendly but regarded as embarrassing. Anyway, my new acquaintance Mr Leary called me in May to tell me he had just won a Supreme Court decision nullifying his previous drug arrest on the grounds that being required to report possession of marijuana for tax purposes amounted to self-incrimination, illegal under the fifth amendment to the Us Constitution. And to tell me he had decided to run for Governor of California and to ask me to serve as his campaign manager.

We departed the next day for lectures at a California university and at a Florida rock festival and then a New York City press conference organised by Jimi Hendrix producer Alan Douglas. In New York we heard about John and Yoko’s Bed-In, planned for Toronto but switched to Montreal. At the time a previous drug bust made it impossible for Lennon to gain entry to the US and John wanted to reach the US public via the media, on behalf of the new Beatles single ‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’ and of course, on behalf of his and Yoko’s peace crusade. Leary had no money but he convinced Playboy to pay for our plane tickets from New York to Montreal, on the grounds that I would record for the magazine a conversation between Leary and Lennon. John himself kindly paid for our hotel rooms – Playboy, not so kindly, refused to run the story.

So, Tim, Rosemary and I arrived at the Bed-in one day before cartoonist Al Capp (who was flown there by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in the hope that he would add some controversy and spice to the documentary: he did indeed) and one day before the recording of Give Peace a Chance. The Bed-in was a media circus during the day and, for us very few and very fortunate ones, something surprisingly intimate and magical in the evening.

During the day John did telephone interviews with many American radio stations and petitioners and local newspaper and radio people came and went as John and Yoko chatted with all-comers from the non-privacy of their bed. Around suppertime, Derek Taylor ushered everyone else out of the room and John and Yoko climbed out of bed to share a room service dinner with Derek and Tim and Rosemary [Leary] and me. After dinner, we sat on the floor in a circle while John sang and played his new song for us, his visitors.

The way he shared it was very consistent with the way he recorded it the next day: casual, immediate, spontaneous. He gave the impression that he’d just been fooling around with this chorus phrase and had found some chords that felt right to him and the verses were spontaneously strung-together talk about anything that had recently caught his attention. “Bagism” because that was Yoko’s name for a stunt she and John had pulled in Amsterdam when they addressed a press conference with sheets pulled around them as if they were inside a bag.

He sang to us, charmingly, as though he were a poet just reading some recent notes from his journal. Tim Leary took advantage of the moment to tell John and Yoko that he and Rosemary were running for Governor and Governess of California, and that they wanted John to write them a campaign song.

“Our slogan,” Tim chuckled, “is Come Together! Join the party!”

John did clown with the phrase for half a moment with a strum of his guitar. Of course, he went on to write Come Together with The Beatles, but not as a campaign song. But certainly the song had its tiny beginnings before our eyes and ears that evening. And the next day, as you can hear on the record, he shouted out “Come together” twice, near the end of Give Peace a Chance.

Since then, whenever I ran into Tim Leary he would ask me if I had a copy of that tape, but I don’t have it. Alas, many years ago I lost both the tape and the transcript - so I can’t repeat the things that the four of them said that day. But I do remember two couples’ recent experiences of getting high by spending the night outside, in nature. John and Yoko spoke of their visits to an island they’d fallen in love with just off Scotland, and Tim responded with an enthusiastic account of a private retreat he and Rosemary shared with friends in the high desert of Southern California. A mountain campsite they’d climb up to and stay at for a couple of days at a time, taking acid together and later sleeping there, outside.

John recalled a sea voyage he and Yoko had taken off Greece, and the thrill he’d felt when they slept out on the deck, the first night in his life, he said, that he’d slept outside under the stars. Another subject of conversation was the conviction felt by both couples that the image of the person or the artist as an individual should to some degree be replaced by an acknowledgement of the power and joint personality of a male/female couple. An example which Tim pointed out was the title and cover of John and Yoko’s album ‘Two Virgins’.

After a week travelling with the Learys I was aware that Tim was sincere in his desire to be perceived as part of a “holy partnership, orbiting around each other”. His identification with this first bold statement of John Lennon as a political activist was not being presented as a John Lennon undertaking but as a John-and-Yoko creation. It crossed my mind that there was also something bold about the naming of a Beatles single “The Ballad of John and Yoko”.

Tim and Rosemary were experience at being people in the public spotlight with a ‘message’ and John and Yoko were relatively new to the practice, although John was very skillful and experienced at life-in-public and Yoko an experienced and imaginative creator of ‘messages’. It was definitely fun for me to watch all of them put aside their public images and enjoy getting to know each other as people. Eventually we said goodnight, John letting us know that our presence was requested at the recording of a new song to be held sometime the next morning.

I don’t recall any mention of The Plastic Ono Band – the group publicly came into existence when it was credited as the recording artist on the sleeve and label of the Give Peace A Chance single, first released only five weeks after it’s unrehearsed, spontaneous, one-take recording. John had a gift for moving fast. There we were, in the specified room with other invited participants, including a Montreal rabbi and a group from the local Radha Krishna temple. The words to the chorus were written on a sheet of paper or cloth and hung on the wall for us.

“Sing along,” John instructed us and it was as simple as that. He started playing guitar and singing and we all joined in.

John made it easy and fun to be in the band. We sang, we swayed, we all applauded ourselves at the end, and we dispersed. It was an inspired performance on the part of Lennon and on the part of the co-creators of this bit of performance art.

“The Plastic Ono Band is you,” John Lennon later told the world.

I can testify that, like magicians, John and Yoko did occasionally have the power to make that true. I could also point out that we are still singing the song, which is what an artist like Lennon strives for in the first place. A hit single is forever. John knew it and wanted to use the fact, the opportunity. But that didn’t stop him from making up phrases and verses on the spot, rapping years ahead of his time.

“Keep talking!” the word ‘Rabbis’ slips into one verse, presumably to honour the Rabbi present. Even now, listening to the single, one must marvel at Lennon’s unselfconsciousness as he presented his new hymn to the world. Presumably he knew, aware of such models as “the answer my friend is blowing in the wind”, “I want to hold your hand” and “I can’t get no satisfaction” that one phrase can be enough to make a song stick in the memory and carry its message.

So he had the phrase and when he was ready to sing it, and to demonstrate publicly that anyone could sing along, he and Yoko acted quickly and boldly. They even had the foresight to record the session on video as well as audio, perhaps because they wanted the world to see the Plastic Ono Band. “It’s you!”

Later that day Timothy and Rosemary and I had the opportunity to watch Al Capp bait John and Yoko until the apostles of peace lost their tempers (they referred to him after he left as Al Crapp). The Bed-In ended the next day and John and Yoko and Derek flew back to Britain. With the tapes, I suppose. John firmly believed that if you had a pulpit you should use it.